The Spring/Summer 16 photo shoot was inspired by the movie “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman. This movie is set to the Swedish coast, with lots of beautiful scenes from the rocky coastline. We tried to imitate some of the still shots from the movie, while staying in tune with We Norwegians image. We also wanted to incorporate modern architecture, which we always do in all of our photo shoots, so the Opera house in Oslo was absolutley perfect for the scene we wanted to create; Water (The Opera is situated by the Oslo Fjord), modern architecture and rocks (The building is made of Italian marble).

Photo: Virre Dahl

Styling: Kristin Sollid, Style Management


Factory Visit – Poland April 2016


The quiet an peaceful factory after everyone has gone home.


Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics!

It was nice to leave rainy Voss for a few days to work on the next Spring/Summer collection with our friends in Poland. We work with a very nice factory in the Lotz area, which is owned by Danish brother and sister Rita and Poul. They are both textile people from Ikast, Denmark, but have lived in Poland for the last 8 years. The city Lotz in Poland has a long and rich textile history, going back to the mid 1800. Lots of huge red brick buildings, that used to be textile factories, are empty now, but luckily, some of them have been saved and turned into hotels, apartments, studios etc. This area has a lot of skilled textile people, and it’s great to be able to work with them, and keep the traditions alive.



Colour splash!

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Nils Ringheim and his daughter Kristina; two generations on the farm “Indre Ringheim”.

Previously, the houses belonging to this farm where situated together at Ringheim, and the plots of land were spread out in separate areas. In the late 1800s the houses were moved to the different plots so that the houses would be situated together with the land.

Today the farm “Indre Ringheim” produce haylage and rent out stable space for students at Voss Agricultural School. They also keep sheep to maintain the cultural landscape. They have 5 sheep and 6 lambs. The breed is called “Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace”.

Nils is one of the founders of Norbits, an IT company in Voss, who is also a partner of We Norwegians. Even though the farm is not Nils’ income source, he feels it’s important that the topsoil is being held and that no short-term economic interests come into conflict with Earth’s ever-increasing need for food production.


Nils’ daughter Kristina, the oldest of Nils’ and Laila’s three children, attended 3 years at the Voss Agricultural School. Kristina is the heiress, and she lives in one of the two houses on the farm. Her goal is to keep the farm alive, at a small scale, in the same philosophy as her father. Maybe keep some horses, sheep and chicken. Right now, she works at We Norwegians, doing everything from attending to the shop in Voss, managing web-orders, taking care of our retail accounts and assists in pretty much everything. In Fall she will continue to study at the University in Bergen, but hopefully she will have some time to help us out during school holidays.

The Contemporary Sheep Farmers in Voss – Smalalauget

“Smalalauget” is a group of friends, 18 grown-ups, plus kids. Together, they have a small farm with “Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace” Sheep. The project started with them talking about how great it would be to be more self-supplied. Both in regards to the environment and to know where our food come from.

They started up this Winter with 3 sheep, and all 3 had 2 lambs each this Spring. The sheep live in Gjerde, Voss, and in the Summer they will be brought up in the mountains to Kvitanosdalen. The plan is to increase the herd up to 10-15 sheep by Winter. Each family will then have meat from 2 lambs each, every Fall – Organic meat of the best quality.

“Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace” is a very beautiful breed and they have nice, soft wool, plus It’s not a very laborious breed to keep – Especially when they are many to share the chores. Every week they take turns feeding the animals and checking up on them.

It’s a great opportunity to learn, both for the adults and the kids, about food production and our food heritage. Last, but not least, they have a great time together with their kids and the sheep 🙂

On the picture, from left: Hilde Skorve, Kristine Skeie Akselberg and Toril Hunnålvatn.

The Contemporary Sheep Farmers in Voss – Kjartan Bergsvåg

Voss is packed with fluffy, new lambs every year – A sure sign of Spring, even if the temperature is not really there yet. We have had the coldest Spring in 57 years!!! Voss is famous for 3 things (And it’s not the artisan water Voss, which is not from Voss anyway): Sheep, skiing and extreme sports. A good combination. When I was looking at all the lambs out in the fields, I was wondering about who the farmers are. What’s a modern farmer like? It turned out that I actually know quite a few people who have sheep, and I thougth it would be great to have them pose for me in my photo studio together with one of their newborn lambs.

The first farmer I’m going to introduce you to is Kjartan Bergsvåg. He’s 36 years old and is working as a carpenter. He is also one of the farmers featured in the popular dating show on TV2, called Jakten på Kjærligheten, which simply means “The Love Hunt”. In Norway we have an expression called “bonderomatikk” which translates “farm romance”. So single farmers are chosen to be on this show, and have a bunch of hopeful suitors who come to live on the farm. And of course, they have to end up with one of the suitors eventually.

Kjartan comes from a farm called Heimtunet, which means “home yard”. There are documents that dates the farm back to the beginning of 1700, but probably there has been farming there earlier than that. The farm also has a sawmill. The lamb on the picture is a mix of “Norwegian White Long Tailed Sheep” and “Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace”. Kjartan doesn’t like to mix the different sheep races, but this one is the result of a secret love affair…

My 1st post

Hello world! I am very new to blogging, but I feel it’s about time! Since my label We Norwegians was launched in October last year, I have a lot to share about my clothes, the qualities, the yarns, the production, my models, the locations an so on. (I could go on forever)

For my first post, I would like to show you the picture which is featured in the June ad in Scandinavian Traveller. My model, Gry, is wearing the BaseOne henley in Dark Denim, pared with the BaseTwo pants in Grey Melange. Both pieces are made with pure merino wool in a super fine micron, which is so soft that you can wear it next to your skin without itching.

I will write more about all the good benefits of wool on my blog, but as an introduction, you can have a quick look on my website: